Underwater Fishing Lights By Aqua Dock Lights

Underwater fishing lights by Aqua Dock Lights are made with high-quality, durable materials with long-lasting LED bulbs. These advanced underwater LED lighting systems attract fish and other marine life in the right environments. Because underwater fishing lights attract both fish and their food, such as insects, this can create an optimum environment for fishermen. The underwater fishing lights at Aqua Dock Lights are portable and only use 40 watts of energy, therefor CGFI outlets are not required. The underwater fishing lights by Aqua Dock Lights cast light up to 60 feet in diameter and have a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours! Aqua Dock Lights are easily turned on and off, and there is no need to worry about battery replacement.

Why Are Fish Attracted To Underwater LED Lights?

Underwater fishing lights tend to attract insects and smaller bait fish such as shrimp. Since larger fish will congregate in areas where food is plentiful, they are naturally drawn to the lighted areas from the underwater fishing lights. The light itself draws fish as well because animals operating in darkness see only the light inherent in their space. The additional light from underwater fishing lights cause fish to see that something is different in their space and they are instinctively drawn to investigate it. So underwater fishing lights achieve two things: they attract bait fish and insects; they create an environmental change. These factors attract larger fish.

Underwater Fishing Lights by Aqua Dock Lights

How To Attract Fish Using Underwater LED Lights

Underwater fishing lights are most effective if they are used regularly every night. It may take some time for larger predator fish to notice the concentration of food near the lights as well as noticing the difference in their space. The optimal set-up for underwater fishing lights is between three and eight feet from the surface of the water. The preferred color for underwater fishing lights is blue or green, but green is the most common. This is because fish and shrimp have visual receptors most sensitive to these colors. The reason underwater fishing lights are far more effective than lights shining above the surface is because the majority of light from a surface light is lost due to the reflection on the water.

Setting up the underwater fishing lights from Aqua Dock Lights is a piece of cake. It is essentially a plug-and-play setup. The assembly is an anchor weight and the light, which is simply tossed into the water. The power cord can then be plugged into an outlet to turn on the light. Check out our underwater LED lights setup video.

Underwater Fishing Lights by Aqua Dock Lights