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Underwater Dock Lights

Underwater dock lights from Aqua Dock Lights enhance the beauty, safety, and ambiance of business and personal waterfront properties while attracting a profusion of aquatic animal life.

Advanced Underwater LED Technology

Aqua Dock Lights offers the two brightest LED underwater dock lights in the world. The heat from the bulbs makes them practically maintenance free, but they are easy to clean with a simple scrub brush if needed. A digital driver converts our low-voltage underwater LED dock lights from 110 to 24 volts DC. With a 100,000 hour lifespan, our energy-efficient underwater dock lights cost just pennies to operate and can last up to 34 years when used an average of eight hours daily. Installation of our advanced plug-and-play system is simple and does not take long. These high-quality, environmentally-friendly lighting systems proudly made in the United States of America work great in both fresh and salt water.

Underwater Dock Lights - Aqua Dock Lights

Underwater Dock Lights Enhance Waterfront Properties

Underwater dock lights enhance the boat docks and waterfront properties while attracting and highlighting underwater marine life. The color and configuration preferences of the property owner for underwater dock lights can be custom designed at their discretion to create different desired effects with a continuous span of single color or any combination from our selection of green, blue, red, orange and white lighting. Beautify aquatic features at business and personal waterfront properties while eliminating the reflective glare of above-ground lighting systems, thus maintaining compliance with most homeowners’ association guidelines.

Adjustable underwater dock lights can be floated at depths up to 30 feet so property owners can vary placement to follow the contour of the waterfront. This aids in synchronizing the on and off times of the underwater dock lights. The easy plug-and-play installation makes it a breeze to change colors for special occasions and holidays. Besides enhancing the beauty of waterfronts at night, underwater dock lights lend a relaxing, mesmerizing atmosphere for watching fish and plant life activity beneath the surface.

Underwater dock lights also enhance safety around otherwise dark or murky water. Adults, children and pets who accidentally fall off a dock find the dark very disorienting and frightening. Illuminated water makes it easier and faster to find them and the way to the dock or shore in case an accident occurs. Unlit boat docks can be difficult to navigate around.

Underwater Dock Lights - Aqua Dock Lights

Underwater Dock Lights Attract Fish

Underwater dock lights highlight smaller fish concealed in shadows or plant life, thus attracting larger fish. Night fishing becomes more exciting seeing the variety of fish lured by the color of underwater dock lights. Watch predators take the bait and reel from a fight or flight. It can take a couple of weeks for fish farther away to discover underwater dock lights, but once they do, they are likely to return at predictable daily times. Green and blue are preferred colors for attracting bait fish and their predators, though the two are attracted to different colors in the spectrum. There is no need to choose between them when you select our “IRIS” series. Available in both the Apollo and Mega-Watt series, the IRIS underwater dock lights feature two colors at the same time, one each in the center and outer bands like the iris of an eye.

Whether trolling for dinner or tackling fishing fun, watching aquatic nature swimming below the surface or enjoying brilliant beauty of water color displays, Aqua Dock Lights has the right underwater dock lighting system to make anyone’s dockside experience brighter!