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Safety Club: 4 Important Safety Guidelines for Swimming in Natural Waterways

Water safety is incredibly important. Even with the summer winding down, if you and your family live on a waterfront and enjoy spending time in the water, it is important to have a firm understanding of best practices in order to reduce the likelihood of an accident.

In order to ensure that you and your family are well protected, we have written a list of some of the important things to remember about swim safety that might save your life.

  1. Know Where the Drop Offs Are: One of the most difficult things about staying safe while swimming in a natural waterway is to understand the topography beneath the water. Very often a slow, gradual descent into deeper water will suddenly drop off, a very dangerous situation for weaker swimmers. In order to avoid such hazardous situations, you should mark any such drop offs. That way, none of your guests will accidentally find himself in the deep end.
  2. Stay Sober: Swimming while drinking, even if you have only had a little bit, can be very dangerous. Alcohol impairs your judgment and makes it more likely that you will make a mistake and end up endangering yourself.
  3. Avoid High Waters: High waters can be extra dangerous. If your region has been experiencing more rain than usual then you should consider holding off jumping in the lake or river. Not only can it increase the water height, it can also lead to contaminants in the water. That’s because rain can lead to runoff, dragging contaminants into the water source.
  4. Install Underwater LED lights: Swimming at night can be disorienting. Too easily, you can lose sight of the shore if it is not properly marked. Additionally, without being able to see where you are going, you increase the likelihood of slipping or tripping over something underwater. With underwater LED lights, you can help to provide a safe night swim.

Safety is the most important consideration when it comes to swimming in natural waterways; after all, 800 children drown each year according to the CDC. Remembering the guidelines above can help you to avoid dangerous situations that might result in injury or death.

Aqua Dock Lights is the leading purveyor of underwater marine lights for docks. To learn more about our marine dock lights, contact us today.

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