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Marine Dock Lights - Aqua Dock Lights

Marine Dock Lights

Aqua Dock Lights is the industry leader for marine dock lights systems. Our specially designed underwater LED lights are not only brighter than any other in the world, but they also last longer thanks to their extreme energy-efficiency. While the exact amount of light created by our LED lighting systems depends on the environment, water clarity, and depth of placement, our systems can light up to a 60 feet diameter.

Simply put, if you are looking for the very best LED dock lights, check out what our products can do for your marina, dock, or waterfront home.

Undewater Fishing Lights by Aqua Dock Lights

LED Dock Lights Marine Life Can’t Resist

Marine dock lights systems have a wide range of uses, both for commercial and private water docks. Whether you are using yours to increase the safety of your pool or light up your waterfront at night, our lights are the most technologically-advanced LED dock lights available. However, they also have another surprising benefit. These lights naturally attract fish and marine life to your dock. Aside from the aesthetics of a backyard aquarium, Aqua Dock Lights are great for night fishing too.

Our Marine Dock Lights Product Models


Our Apollo line can achieve up to 16k Lumens, which lights a diameter of 40 feet. This option is available in five different colors (Blue, Green, Red, Orange and White), and it is recommended for clear, shallow waters. Bring a splash of color and light to your dock with these popular underwater lights.


Even brighter than our Apollo line, our Mega-Watt LED lights can illuminate an amazing 60 feet in diameter, achieving up to 25k Lumens! These mind bogglingly bright lights are best for murky water or for use at a greater depth. They are available in the same range of colors as the Apollo line.

Marine Dock Lights LED Color Customization

Our custom “Iris” option allows you to add another LED light color in the center of your marine dock lights, which creates a unique appearance similar to the iris of a human eye. This allows you to maximize the beauty of your lighting design and leave a real impression on your guests.

Aqua Dock Lights Energy Efficiency

Our energy-efficient underwater LED lights for docks can save big bucks in the long run. In fact, our lights are so energy efficient that they use around the same amount of energy as a conventional 80-watt light bulb! That means that even if you use your bulbs every night for 6-8 hours, it would only cost you, on average, $4-6 per month.

Finally, we use specially designed AC to DC transformers that are equipped with electronic overload protection to ensure their safety in the water. Aqua Dock Lights, the LED Dock Lights Marine Life and People Love!